corporate performance management (CPM)

VIS Performance

VIS Performance is a danish CPM-solution that combines BI and CPM.

What is CPM?

With Corporate Performance Management (CPM) you gain full exploitation of all data in your business across the organization. CPM collects, transforms and visualizes all business data directly in the software, allowing you to work interactively with all data across data sources in just one tool.

The journalized write-back functionality that allows you to add data directly in the software allows you to enhance your budgeting and consolidation process by automation.

Enhance collaboration across the organization

CPM transforms data to action plans. By collecting data across the organization in the same software, you can work interactively with data across data sources and departments in one place, allowing you to find causal relationships across the organization.

Besides the traditional BI-functions, CPM allows you to add data directly in the software. This gives you the opportunity to work interactively with data across data sources, spreadsheets and web in one place where even the most complex forms can be calculated in a split second.

CPM therefore creates a unique collaboration in your organization, providing insight to the current situation based on sales, production, backorder and stock levels, combined with sales forecasts and current stock inventory. This enhances the teamwork between operations and the supply chain, as the shared data creates a transparent insight across the value chain.

3 user types

VIS has 3 user types:
VIS Business (BI), VIS Performance (CPM) & VIS2Go Cloud.

VIS Business

Traditional Business Intelligence functionalities:

VIS Performance - brugervenlig Business Performance platform

VIS Performance

Traditional Business Intelligence– and CPM functionalities:

BI og CPM | VIS Performance

Benefits with VIS Performance

Focus on clarity

VIS Performance is a user-friendly software. It is easy to filter on multiple dimensions such as country, department, category etc.

These dimensions are by hierarchical order to secure the best possible visualization and presentation. All currencies in the budget can dynamically be transformed to the original currency, making an impact simulation of price fluctuations a simple task.

Overskuelig data analyse - VIS Performance
Eliminering i VIS-løsningen - VIS Performance

Consolidation, elimination and much more

Besides budgeting, VIS Performance allows you to handle consolidation and elimination between companies. Furthermore, the software handles personnel planning, project calculations, time registration, quotation calculation and much more.

insight creates competitive advantages

Centralization of data makes it possible to analyze and identify causal relationships across your organization, which gives you the ability to work proactively rather than reactively.

Vil du vide mere?

Få en uforpligtende snak med vores Sales Manager, Christoffer, om hvordan VIS Performance kan effektivisere din budgetproces, forecasting, planlægning og rapportering.

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Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager
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