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Corporate Performance Management

Automate time-consuming processes and work interactively with all data across the organization.

What is CPM?

With Corporate Performance Management (CPM) you gain full exploitation of all data in your business across the organization. CPM collects, transforms and visualizes all business data directly in the software, allowing you to work interactively with all data across data sources in just one tool.

The journalized write-back functionality that allows you to add data directly in the software allows you to enhance your budgeting and consolidation process by automation.

Centralization and automation of
all financial processes

With CPM-software all data across the organization is centralized in one solution, from where all financial processes can be automated. The write-back functionality makes it possible to type data directly in the software and work interactively with all data, so even the most complex forms and simulations can be calculated in a split second.

Increased collaboration and data security

Multi-user access

With multi-user access, several employees across the organization and national borders can work in the software at the same time and the fixed calculation logic eliminates human errors.

Advanced user management

With advanced user management you have full control upon which who can access and analyze data and who can add, correct, comment and approve data and budgets.

Complete audit trail

With journalized write-back funkctionality, you always have a complete overview of who made which changes and when, and in this way find an explanation for the change.


Optimize collaboration across the value chain with CPM-software

With the centralization of all company data, you can easily and effectively identify and analyze connections across the value chain.

CPM software streamlines planning and breaks down silos. By entering all company data in one place across the organization, all data is combined, so that a transparent insight into the company’s overall performance is created.

The classic challenge in many companies is that sales measure revenue, operations measure in units and management measures on budget. With CPM software, the individual measurement points are combined and transformed into one common action plan and objectives, which increases efficiency and competitiveness while reducing costs.

3 user types

VIS has 3 user types:
VIS Business (BI), VIS Performance (CPM) & VIS2Go Cloud.

VIS Business

Traditional Business Intelligence functionalities:

VIS2Go Cloud

VIS Performance - brugervenlig Business Performance platform

VIS Performance

Traditional Business Intelligence– and CPM functionalities:

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