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VIS Performance makes it possible for you to work interactively with your data so you can budget, forecast and consolidate – and perform BI – in one and the same solution. Not many other solutions has this feature.

Easy, secure and efficient: Replace spreadsheets with an intelligent budget solution

With VIS Performance, you get an intelligent Corporate Performance Management and budgeting solution for easy, secure and efficient handling of all the company’s budget stages.

VIS Performance is designed to replace existing spreadsheet solutions and the challenges of such solutions while at the same preserving the well-known spreadsheet functionality.

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How it works

We developed VIS, so we know the software inside out. This means that we can configure the optimal Corporate Performance Management solution in cooperation with you. We work closely together with you both when we develop and implement your VIS solution. VIS Performance is directly integratable with the Office products and with all ERP systems and databases available; it even supports Open Source. This means that it becomes easy to make VIS Performance part of your everyday work routines.

In VIS Performance, the individual budget phases are divided via budget versions, making it very easy for you to follow the changes in the budget preparation process. The transparency is further emphasized as all changes are saved automatically as when entering items in a financial management system.

Because everyone involved work with the same data all through the budgeting process and as all budget data available always include the latest corrections, you avoid errors.

Two types of clients

We have two types of clients: VIS Business & VIS Performance. Choose the client mix that best matches your company’s needs.

VIS Business

With your VIS Business client, you can see the company’s historic data in VIS.

VIS Performance - brugervenlig Business Performance platform

VIS Performance

In addition to the VIS Business client functionality, you can also budget, forecast and consolidate using a write back function in VIS

VIS Business

Advantages – in short

  • Budget registration with the possibility of controlling an unlimited number of budget versions
  • Full logging/traceability of all changes to the budget
  • Currency management with dynamic shifts between the individual currencies
  • Consolidation and elimination
  • Blocking of data, for example based on periods, budget versions or individual accounts
  • Simulation of consequences
  • Hierarchical structure of dimensions for a simple presentation
  • Integrates existing data that makes online follow-up possible
  • Investment budget with integration into the actual budget
  • Advanced user governance management

Focus on clarity

VIS Performance is easy to use for everybody. In VIS Performance, you can for example
define individual registration sheets. For each individual sheet, you determine which accounts to show and which other dimensions that the sheet should have (for example country, department or product group).

To ensure clear and optimal presentation of data, these dimensions have a hierarchical structure. Using a currency converter, it is also possible to automate the conversion of all budget items into their original currency making simulations of currency fluctuations quite simple.

Whether preparing an operating or cash budget – or something completely different -, VIS Performance is the ideal solution.

Overskuelig data analyse - VIS Performance
Eliminering i VIS-løsningen - VIS Performance

Consolidation, elimination and several other options

Apart from budgeting, VIS Performance has numerous other features. It is for example possible to consolidate and eliminate intercompany transactions and transfer pricing. Moreover, you can use VIS Performance for staff planning, project calculation, time registration, calculating quotations and much more as VIS Performance includes many of the same functions as a spreadsheet. However, at the same time, VIS Performance addresses the challenges of version management, destroyed formulas, consolidation of several spreadsheets, etc.


VIS Performance is developed based on many years of experience of providing budget solutions that fulfill our customers´ needs. Our customer-centric approach to all implementations assures that we focus on your specific needs and requirements. For one of our customers, LEMAN, VIS Performance is an indispensable tool for cost allocation, budgeting and follow-up.

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