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Share data on any device internally and externally with VIS2Go Cloud.

Share data anywhere with anyone

Share data with customers, suppliers or other business partners with VIS2Go Cloud. Sharing data in the cloud makes it possible create a closer collaboration, optimizing efficiency and transparency.

VIS2Go Cloud can be accessed from any device without local setup. Create customized dashboards for each business partner visualizing individual data and KPI’s.

BI og CPM | VIS Performance
BI og CPM | VIS Performance

No local setup needed

VIS2Go Cloud does not need any local setup, making it easy to onboard various business partners.

Future proof solution

VIS2Go Cloud is a future proof cloud-solution, replacing the previous on-premise VIS2Go-solution.

VIS Performance - brugervenlig Business Performance platform

A future CPM solution

VIS2Go Cloud is continously developed towards a full CPM-solution in the cloud.

Discover VIS2Go Cloud in action

Schedule a demonstration of VIS2Go Cloud and discover how data sharing in the cloud increases collaboration in your organization.

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