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Save valuable time and eliminate errors.

Faster and more accurate budgeting

VIS Performance transforms your financial processes with automation. By automating recurring processes in budgeting, you save valuable time in finance. VIS Performance supports all financial processes, eliminating countless spreadsheets and human errors.

Budgeting in VIS Performance provides:

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Before the implementation of VIS Performance, 80% of budgeting was spent juggling spreadsheets, and only 20% on considering the budget.

That balance has been reversed with VIS Performance, so that the majority of time can be spent adjusting assumptions and expectations for the future.

BI og CPM | VIS Performance

Higher data security

Several spreadsheet versions that are sent back and forth internally are not only a time-consuming and often error-prone administrative process, but also result in lower data security.

With multi-user access, multiple employees can access the budgets without having to send spreadsheets internally. The advanced user management allows you to have full control over which employees can only access and analyze, who can edit and comment, and who has the rights to approve the final budgets and annual accounts.

This ensures high data security with full traceability of who has made which changes and when.

VIS Performance supports all financial processes

Budgeting in VIS Performance


One solution for all users

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