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From Excel to VIS Performance

The construction industry is embossed with tight competition, which is why danish Johannes Fog is focused on Corporate Performance Management, in favor of both customers and their 500 employees.

Johannes Fog uses VIS Performance for the budgeting process as well as a tool for business insight, which provides transparency throughout the organization.

VIS-user for more than 20 years

The danish builders merchant-chain, jem & fix, has been VIS-users for more than 20 years. With 184 stores in Scandinavia, jem & fix uses VIS both in stores and in the administrations office. 

jem & fix defines VIS Performance as a reliable and user friendly software, which is used both as a reporting- and budgeting-tool, as well a performance dashboard.

Competitive sales process

Contiga is a leading supplier of prefabricated concrete elements in Denmark, and is a total supplier of counseling, sketching, statics, production and assembly in the construction industry.

Contiga has been a VIS-user for 10 years, and uses the tool from the sales phase to the execution of a project. 

Contiga uses VIS as a management tool, basing important decisions on data from VIS.

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