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Streamline ESG reporting with VIS Performance

New requirements for sustainability reporting

ESG reporting is one of the biggest changes in reporting procedures in recent times. The new requirements for ESG reporting come into effect from 2024 and are intended to support a sustainable transition in terms of both environmental, social, and corporate governance issues.

With VIS Performance, all data relevant to your ESG report is automatically collected from various sources. With multi-user access, several users can analyze, input data, and comment on the report simultaneously.

Automate your ESG reporting with VIS Performance:

What the ESG reporting should include

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance.

For large companies (accounting class C large and D), the Accounting Act already requires that the management report includes a statement on social responsibility. If your company has internal policies on social responsibility, these must be accounted for.

Starting in 2024, all large companies must report on their work with sustainable transition. As something new, social issues such as diversity, inclusion, and CSR initiatives must be included in the reporting.


CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water and air pollution, waste management, and energy efficiency.


Workplace accidents, sick leave, gender diversity, education and training, and employee satisfaction.


Salary differences, composition of the board, GDPR, management relations, as well as ethics and anti-corruption policies.

ESG reporting in VIS Performance


All data that can be collected from source systems is automatically retrieved. Manual data can be entered directly into the software, so all data is gathered in one place.


Direct emissions

Emissions that are directly caused by your own activities (such as burning of oil and gasoline).


Indirect emissions

Emissions through the energy you purchase (such as electricity and district heating).


Emissions in the value chain

Emissions associated with the products and services you use throughout the value chain.


VIS performs all necessary calculations based on official standards.


The internationally recognized and most widely used standard for calculating CO2 emissions. Recommended, among others, by the European Commission. The purpose is to ensure uniform reporting across industries.


Liters of diesel, kWh, and m3.


All data is visualized in dashboards and customized reports.

Example of ESG reporting

An example of ESG reporting could be a company reporting on energy efficiency and the use of wind and solar energy.




Publication of
ESG report

The ESG report may be publicly available on the company website or through third-party reporting sources.

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ESG reporting in VIS Performance

VIS Performance is the perfect tool for data collection. VIS Performance automatically collects data from all relevant data sources, while manual data input can be added from many different users simultaneously – directly in the software.

With ESG reporting in VIS Performance, it’s easy to collect large amounts of data across sources, which can then be fine-tuned and adapted to official ESG reporting guidelines. It’s also possible to add text and comments directly in the software, so you have all the information and data for the ESG report in one place.

The report can easily be exported to visual dashboards in the cloud and PDF files.

more than an esg tool

Automate all financial processes

With VIS Performance, all data is centralized in one place across source systems. With journaled write-back functionality, employees across the organization can access and add data directly in the software, so all data is gathered in one place from where they can work together and increase the efficiency and performance of the company.


Automate budgeting and increase accuracy.


Make accurate forecasts and gain valuable insight.


Streamline consolidation across the group.

Monthly reporting

Automate monthly reporting and eliminate errors.


One solution for all users

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