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Avoid countless versions of Excel sheets – one solution for all budgets and data

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Faster and more accurate budgeting

Still spending too much time budgeting in spreadsheets? With a budgeting software, administration of various spreadsheets and human-errors are history in the finance department.

By centralizing your data, financial processes will be automated and streamlined, which decreases human errors and increases efficiency. All budgets are gathered in one solution, which provides greater accuracy and transparency.

improve efficiency

Before implementing VIS Performance, 80% of the budgeting phase was spend on juggling spreadsheets, and 20% to actually relate to the budget. With VIS Performance, that balance has reversed, so the main task is to adjust assumptions and expectations for the future.

Aarstiderne - VIS Performance

data driven decision making

Be proactive rather than reactive

Our budgeting software, VIS, is a CPM-tool that, besides handling the entire budgeting phase, centralizes all data across internal IT-systems and transforms the output to operational action plans.

By centralizing all data and budgets in one solution, you can identify and analyze connections across the organization. The software catches trends and causes in time, based on valid data, securing a short reaction from observation to action. This gives your company the key to a proactive strategy, rather than a reactive strategy.

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Få en uforpligtende snak med vores Sales Manager, Christoffer, om hvordan VIS Performance kan effektivisere din budgetproces, forecasting, planlægning og rapportering.

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Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager

trusted advisor for more than 28+ years

Why you should choose VIS

the end of countless spreadsheets

VIS automizes heavy, time-consuming and repetitive work processes, ensuring cross-functional cooperation. VIS offers advanced user governance and works with version management using different budget layers.

100% platform independent

VIS is an advanced and platform independent budgeting solution combining analysis, reporting, budgeting, follow-up and forecasting in one system.

budget from a-z

VIS Performance can be used for all budgeting stages, including financial consolidation and elimination if relevant.

innovative technology

InMemory is a multi-dimensional database technology that creates a very high level of performance when generating reports. This technology compressed data to such an extent that we can achieve very fast response times and often run our data warehouse on a small (and free) SQL Express license.

work interactively with your data

VIS Performance provides "write-back" functionality, making it possible to work interactively with your data. When budgeting and forecasting, you can edit and adjust your figures directly in VIS.

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