Business intelligence (BI)

VIS Business Intelligence

VIS Business (BI) collects and combines data across datasources and visualize the output in live dashboards and autogenerated reports. 

Automated reporting

VIS Business in a Business Intelligence solution where data is stored and combined across datasources where even the most complex formulas are calculated instantly.

VIS Business allows you to form your own dashboards with your preferred KPIs. Besides live-data, VIS Business provides autogenerated reports made from pre-designed templates of your most frequent reportings which enables your organization to boost efficiency on routine reporting tasks.

We wanted to collect all data in one solution, so that all information could be mapped to our own sales. We can do that with VIS Performance. In VIS Performance we have the opportunity to make analyzes that contain data from several sources, which provides a much stronger decision-making basis than what has previously been possible.

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The benefits with VIS Business

Danish-developed software

VIS Business has streamlined reporting and visualized data in danish businesses for more than 30 years. We configurate the most optimal Business Intelligence solution in collaboration with you thoughout the implementation process.

Business Intelligence dashboard
Brugervenligt budgetteringssystem

User-friendly and intuitive design

VIS Business supports your needs. The design is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for you to create your own dashboards and analyzes. You decide both the content and the visualization of the reports and dashboards, including maps, speedometers, reports, tables or cross-tabulations.

Complete the digitalization journey with CPM

Business Intelligence is the first step towards a digitalized and data driven business. With CPM however, you take a step further towards data excellence. Besides data visualization and automated reporting, CPM allows you to add data beyond your data sources directly in the software. This gives you the opportunity to work interactively with all data across the organization and automate time consuming processes such as budgeting- and consolidation.

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