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Our history

VIS Performance (former Dialog Data) was founded in 1993 by Kim Vinther and Palle Rasmussen. In January 2017 Roesgaard & Partners bought in.

We have developed our own software VIS (Visual Information Solution) which is a combination of BI and CPM. VIS combines data across the organization, so that all data can be analyzed and identified from one software. 

VIS provides, as one of few, journalized write-back functionality, which enables adding data directly to the software with full traceability.

About VIS Performance

20 passionated experts

Solid profession in BI and CPM

customers across the country

Across multiple industries

quality software

A top of the market product

combing bi and cpm

- As one among very few

we provide unique insight

VIS collects data across internal data sources and provides context and meaning behind the figures. The centralization of data allows VIS to identify and analyze causes across the organization, which makes it possible to act proactively rather than reactively.

Fast return on investment

We prioritize effective implementation and strive to create fast return on investment for our customers. 

We do a running implementation where we finish one step at a time to secure alignment with you. Some call it agile implementation, we call it common sense. 

CPM experts with 25+ years experience

The key to a successful implementation is an efficient and competent consultant. We provide a personal CPM-expert that accompanies you throughout the implementation as well as the ongoing development of your solution forward.

This also enhances the issues concerning replacement of employees. When a team member leaves the organization, your VIS consultant educates and demonstrates your setup for the new team member.

Our expert team

Kim Vinther
Founder / CTO / CEO
Poul Bærentsen
Senior Advisor
Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager
Theresa Schrøder
Marketing Manager
Flemming Nielsen
Consulting Manager
Povl Skov
Senior Consultant
Anders Toudahl
Senior Consultant
Thomas Ravn-Jensen
Senior Consultant
Søren C. T. Ravn
Senior Consultant
Christian Jerner Tofte
Jesper Ørum Larsen
Max Christian Boas
Frederik Andersen
Nadim Abdullah
Junior Consultant
Frederik Lund
Junior Consultant
Klaus Timmermann
Senior Developer
Nikolas Zdralic
.NET Cloud-developer
Emil Holm Hansen
.NET Cloud-developer
Torben Langhoff
IT- & Operations Manager

Vil du vide mere?

Få en uforpligtende snak med vores Sales Manager, Christoffer, om hvordan VIS Performance kan effektivisere din budgetproces, forecasting, planlægning og rapportering.

Lad os tage en snak om

Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager
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