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We streamline and optimize your internal processes, reduce costs and increase revenue across the value chain.

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Who is VIS Performance?

Our self-developed software, VIS Performance, combines data across multiple data sources and transforms the output to operational action plans.

The software is a corporate control panel centralizing all company data in one solution, gaining full insight to the entire organization from where you can identify and analyze synergies across the organization.

The write-back functionality allows you to work interactively with all company data, making it possible to automate data collection, budgeting, consolidation, monthly reporting, forecasting, S&OP, ESG-reporting and much more.

Our experienced business consultants are experts in digitization and data utilization. With a combined seniority of +180 years experience, the consulting team are experts in optimizing and streamlining processes, automation, reducing costs, increasing revenue and finding synergies across the value chain.

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We supply accurate predictions across the value chain gaining increased revenue.


VIS Performance strive to be a transparent and proactive business partner focusing on the extraordinary customer service.

Combing all company data
- with write-back

VIS Performance CPM software is a combination of Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

CPM software provides write-back functionality, making it possible to add data directly in the software and work interactively with all company data in one solution independently from the data systems (e.g ERP, CRM etc.).

Write-back functionality allows you to automate all financial processes, forecasting, sales & operations planning, ESG-reporting and much more.

BI og CPM | VIS Performance

Your digitization experts

Kim Vinther
Founder & CTO
Flemming Nielsen
Advisor & Business Developer
Theresa Schrøder
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager
Jahn Ottar Ruud
Sales Consultant
Anders Toudahl
Senior Consultant & Team Lead
Christian Jerner Tofte
Senior Consultant & Team Lead
Povl Skov
Senior Consultant & Partner
Thomas Ravn-Jensen
Senior Consultant
Søren C. T. Ravn
Senior Consultant
Max Christian Boas
Senior Consultant
Lars Tranborg
Senior Consultant & Power BI Lead
Frederik Andersen
Jesper Rasmussen
Mark M. Pedersen
Nadim Abdullah
Kristoffer Dyhr Mohr
Junior Consultant
Klaus Timmermann
Senior Developer
Nikolas Zdralic
.NET Cloud-developer
Emil Holm Hansen
.NET Cloud-developer
Torben Langhoff
Consultant & Infrastructure Lead

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Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager
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