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Our software and digitization experts makes your company data-driven and competitive. 

VIS Performance is easy to access and used on all levels in the group, which makes VIS a decision-making tool rather than a presentation tool on corporate level.

Platform independant software

Regardless which source systems your organization works with, they can be integrated with VIS Performance, combining all data in one solution.

To transform and integrate all data across source systems in VIS Performance, we build you a Data Warehouse, allowing you to work interactively and crisscrossing with all company data independently from the source systems. 

One solution for the entire organization

VIS Performance supports all financial, planning and reporting processes in your organization. With advanced multi-user access you gain full control over which employees that can access and analyze data, and who can edit and approve data and budgets. The journalized track record gives you a complete and transparent insight to who has made changes and when.

Used globally

Our customers’ employees share data and collaborate in the VIS software across country borders, which increases transparency and cooperation in their companies. All VIS users work directly in the software, avoiding the need to manually send data.

The automatic currency and unit conversion makes it easy to accommodate different units of measurement across country borders.

Customer rating of the consulting team









During the process VIS Performance provided a consultant with a background as an accountant who in addition to his technical skills, knew how to match the numbers in the right context. The strong professionalism was probably the most compelling argument in choosing VIS Performance as a business partner.

It still is to this day.

DST-Chemicals - VIS Performance

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Our customers are the core of our business, and they have been since the very beginning in 1993.

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