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Monthly reporting is a time-consuming and manual process that often gets bogged down in administration and consolidation of spreadsheets. However, it is a necessary procedure in order to take stock of the past month and align expectations for the upcoming month’s performance.

With VIS Performance, monthly reporting is automated and streamlined. Using a customized template in the software, all key figures and data are collected automatically and visualized in graphs and tables, so employees only need to use resources to enrich the report with insights into the financial state, rather than manual preparation and consolidation.

Monthly Reporting in VIS Performance includes, among other things:

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Before the implementation of VIS Performance, 80% of the time in the budget phase was spent juggling spreadsheets, and only 20% was spent actually considering the budget.

With VIS Performance, that balance has been reversed, so the majority of time can now be spent adjusting assumptions and expectations for the future.

Customized approval procedures

Approving monthly reports in spreadsheets requires a lot of back-and-forth emails with attached spreadsheets and comments.

With VIS Performance, monthly reports can be commented on and approved directly in the software, so everything is collected in one place.

With the advanced user system, management is notified when the monthly reports are ready for approval. From here, they can read comments on the analyses and give final approval directly in the system.

Structural and consolidated overview

In addition to the autogenerated report with graphs and tables, you can also view a structural and consolidated overview of the group’s companies, departments, and business areas in VIS Performance. From here, you can make filters and drill-downs at the detail level, such as on individual companies or departments that need to be highlighted.

Monthly reporting at a group level

With VIS Performance, you also gain access to a group-level report, as well as individual company reports. All internal transactions will automatically be consolidated in the financial statements.

Reporting with a few clicks

In VIS Performance, you can create a customized template for monthly reporting that includes all tables (such as income statements, balance sheets, etc.) and graphical visualizations.

With a single click, the template will be ready for use after the books have been closed in the ERP system. Your employees will then only need to focus on enriching the monthly report with comments on the numbers, explanations of causes, and descriptions of expectations for the upcoming period. Once the process is complete, the final monthly report will be distributed to relevant recipients in a PDF document.

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