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Strengthen decision-making with accurate forecasts

Preparation of valid and accurate forecasts for decision-making requires large amounts of data. Manual forecasting in spreadsheets is a time-consuming process, as data quickly becomes obsolete and there for needs constant manual updates.

VIS Performance updates your forecasts automatically, ensuring valid data and predictions faster. VIS Performance supports forecasting in all areas of your business such as sales forecasts, financial forecasts, liquidity forecasts, supply forecasts and production forecasts.

Forecasting in VIS Performance provides:

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VIS Performance supports our business - it provides the data we need to make the right decisions. We use it, among other things, for daily, weekly and monthly management as well as for making forecasts and budgets. In addition, VIS Performance is also used for reporting, daily follow-up at product level, in our stores - everything.
VIS Performance is an important tool in our business.

One step ahead with dynamic forecasting

Rolling forecasts is a game changer during ever-changing market conditions. High frequency data increases agility by constantly updating predictions for the future based on valid data, ensuring a databased decision-making tool across demand planning, supply planning, operations and finance.

Forecasting with VIS Performance


One solution for all users

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