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Plan proactively for the future with scenario planning.

Agility is the most important business discipline

It is not new that even the best plans and strategies often need to be changed. This can be due to external market conditions as well as internal factors, which require one to be adaptable in their planning.

With VIS Performance, you can simulate potential scenarios in the market and get a valid data insight into the economic as well as resource-related consequences it will have for your business. This way, you can quickly assess how your business should adapt to the new market conditions to remain competitive.

With VIS Performance, you can, among other things:

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With VIS Performance, we can simulate the effect of increasing packaging and raw material prices as well as energy prices. This allows us to calculate the necessary price increase for our customers. VIS is an important part of the toolbox in the turbulent times we currently have in our supply chain.


The purpose of scenario planning

The purpose of scenario planning is to establish several different scenarios for the future market situation. Afterwards, an assessment is made of the consequences that each scenario will have on your specific company. Once an overview has been formed of which scenarios can potentially play out in the future and what consequences they will have on the operations and finances of your company, a plan can be developed for how the company should adapt financially and strategically in each scenario in order to maintain profitability and growth goals.

Scenario planning is particularly useful in situations where historical data is not necessarily an indicator of the future. In times of crisis when the market is volatile, unpredictable, and uncertain, trend-based forecasting is not sufficient in your planning, as historical performance cannot predict the growth potential in an uncertain market.

BI og CPM | VIS Performance

Valid data is crucial

If your organization solely works with spreadsheets and BI tools, it can be a time-consuming, if not impossible task to ensure valid and relevant data from your source systems, which can lead to manual errors and endless inputs.

With VIS Performance, financial leaders can easily create valid scenarios based on existing budgets and forecasts in an isolated environment. This way, all relevant data is always updated and available in one place, from which finance can easily control the company’s resources and strengthen the decision-making based on opportunities and risks.


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