Intelligent Business Performance software

VIS is a Business Performance solution making it possible to both visualize your company’s data and at the same time working interactively with data (for budgeting and forecasting). An all-in-one solution.


VIS bridges the gap between BI and CPM and can be used for all steps in the budgeting process

VIS collects, combines and analyses data from a variety of data sources while at the same time making it possible for you to work interactively with your data. As one of the few products in the market, VIS combines typical Business Intelligence functions with typical Corporate Performance Management functions. With VIS, you can use the same tool for data visualization, budgeting, consolidation and forecasting.

Below you can read more about the different elements in VIS:

BI and CPM combined in an all-in-one solution

Many companies offer BI solutions (data visualizations). A handful also offer CPM (interactive, write-back functionality).

In VIS, we bridge the gap between BI and CPM, combining the best of both worlds.


VIS is platform independent and can gather data from all your data sources and IT systems.


Data analysis for improved business and management decisions.


Get the overview and share your data in a presentable manner

VIS-løsningen - en kombination af BI og CPM - VIS Performance


Intelligent budgeting solution for all stages of budgeting.


Financial forecasting prepares your company for the future


Get an overall statement for all subsidiaries and see total group costs.

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Replace spreadsheets with state-of-the-art, user-managed technology

VIS replaces all the spreadsheets traditionally used in a budgeting and forecasting process. At the same time, VIS supports the entire company’s needs for analysis and follow-up and gathers all data and users in one user-friendly and advanced solution.

This saves time for our customers and eliminates numerous errors; it also contributes to increasing the company’s earning capacity.

It is up to the individual company to choose whether they prefer to use only the BI functionality or have access to full BI and CPM functionality; it is only a matter of user rights.

Two types of clients

We have two types of clients: VIS Business & VIS Performance. Choose the client mix that best matches your company’s needs.

VIS Business

With your VIS Business client, you can see the company’s historic data in VIS.

VIS Performance - brugervenlig Business Performance platform

VIS Performance

In addition to the VIS Business client functionality, you can also budget, forecast and consolidate using a write back function in VIS

Vil du vide mere?

Få en uforpligtende snak med vores Sales Manager, Christoffer, om hvordan VIS Performance kan effektivisere din budgetproces, forecasting, planlægning og rapportering.

Lad os tage en snak om

Christoffer Lohmann Henriksen
Sales Manager

We offer the best service in the industry

Implementing a VIS Performance solution should be as easy and fast as possible for you. In this way, your company will experience the benefits of the solution and notice the difference faster. We attach great importance to always providing a competent and efficient service to our customers.

As a VIS Performance customer, you will have your own primary consultant with a solid professional background and expertise whose team will ensure that the implementation is successful from start to end. Your primary consultant and his team will also handle all future adaptations of your solution.

Konsulenter inden for BI og CPM

We create performance with data warehouse

VIS Performance ensures that the data warehouse matches your needs. In the past 28 years, we have specialized in developing data warehouse solutions for Business Performance analysis. In VIS, it is possible to gather data from many different data sources in one place regardless of whether it is HR, finance, sales, production or payroll data. In addition, we are platform independent, which means that our products support both commercial and open source databases.

With a data warehouse from VIS Performance, you will get a helicopter view of your data with full transparency and traceability, making it easy to match data and create an optimal basis for your analyses.

data warehouse

Gather all the company’s data in one place

Most often, we build a data warehouse in connection with the implementation of VIS to make data accessible and operational to our customers.

A data warehouse structures data based on the company’s needs and makes it easier and faster to gather and compare data from different sources. This gives the customer a faster overview and basis for decision-making in the day-to-day flow.


In-house expertise

Our skilled consultants have the expertise to gather data from even the most fragmented data environments where data should be combined and gathered in everything from Excel, sales, ERP and production systems to financial management and other types of systems. Accordingly, we have the professional skills to tailor solutions exactly to your needs.

In general, data from a variety of data sources are not compatible and can therefore not be combined. So, we ’clean’ and format your data so they can be gathered regardless of the data format they may have from their data source. This improves performance and agility in the data when making extracts from the data warehouse.

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